Whatsapp: Its history, ease and benefits in your daily activities

This is the unique story, the founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, admitted that he often forgot password when logging into an app. For example when entering into his Skype account, sometimes he has to try several times to login. Not only Skype account, Koum often forgot passwords of other accounts. He was furious and inside of the indignation sense, Jan Koum did not want to use the password method anymore for his app. This is the forerunner to the establishment of WhatsApp we know today.

As we all already know, when installing WhatsApp, we do not need to create a password to login. We only need to enter a code sent to our phone number for further put back, and the setup process can be completed soon. The WhatsApp can be used, and your phone number will be used as a user ID. Jan Koum’s annoyance seems to be the main reason for the creation of WhatsApp, the most popular chat application in the world.

Whatsapp is the most downloaded chat application worldwide. You can send various forms of files to other users. Whatsapp also provides a feature that allows you changing your status in accordance with the theme you want. A Whatsapp status can describe your interests, hobbies, desires, and emotions. A Whatsapp status Geek is able to make Whatsapp status that is capable of inspiring every reader.

In making Whatsapp status, whether short status for Whatsapp or the long one, you need to find at least a source of inspiration. You should make your Whatsapp status having a meaning. You need to customize each Whatsapp status you create with your preferred themes and feelings. Do not let your Whatsapp status having no meaning. Create your own interesting Whatsapp status by visiting a lot of websites providing various inspirations.

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