Is “Traditional Media” Still Right For Your Business?

There have been a lot of changes in the media business and advertising over the previous several years, the greatest of which was the appearance of the media buying agency. These organizations popped up to total the buying power of multiple customers, make more value from the preparing and effective buying of ads, to reduce the overall costs and improve efficiency. This article investigates the part of traditional media in market these days.

The emergence of media buying agencies in the market took most creative organizations by surprise and damaged the once popular full-service model. Media buying agencies separated strategy and media planning, account management and creative into distinct support groups. This required several agencies to have their hand in the process, all with different visions about how to execute client plans. Clearly, this triggered confusion among organizations. Instantly, it was no longer clear who was in the driving seat with respect to media strategy. Today, we have reached another step in the progress of media buying and planning. Agency trading desks have fragmented and complicated the complete service model of previous times. Nowadays, this new type of media agency needs workers to have deep skills in areas such as technology, programming, marketing and data analysis. Generally, these companies are buying highly commoditized media where all information is targeted on segmenting the audience, and hardly ever views the innovative design and execution, nor the placement and context of the ads in appropriate programs. In light of these events, what part is there for the traditional media company to take in this market? With a predicted large shift in marketing dollars from television to digital this year, traditional organizations are under even more stress to make their space in the value chain. Clients will likely continue to demand more attention on enhanced content quality and incorporation, digital video creation and greater viewers engagement.

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