Direct Response Marketing

Marketing has three main types; namely, the brand-based marketing, the hope-based marketing and the direct response marketing. Among these three, the third one is making an impact in the corporate world these days. Compared with the first two kinds, the last one is efficient, measurable and trackable. To help you understand this further, let’s talk about each type in detail.

In hope-based marketing, everything is placed on “hope.” You depend on expecting that your target audience discovers your ad and visit your store. You wish that you can generate product attention and secure product sales from the ads you’ve done. This strategy is a bit lacking with regards to the researching the market to really secure the market interest, secure product sales, and develop client relations.

In brand-based marketing, exposure of brand is the key. This strategy allows your focus on market to explore your brand because they are revealed to it over and over again. A lot of companies have become effective because of this strategy. It is efficient. However, it needs quite a lot of money since good exposure means more time, more ads in all places where individuals see ads, and more marketing devices such as catalogs, paper prints, free stuff, and so on.

What is direct response marketing?

It is a modern kind of marketing, technically designed to induce an immediate response and pushes viewers to act immediately in the most positive direction of business sales. With this strategy, your target market will most likely contact you right away to explore the item and place an order through your website. It is efficient to stimulate immediate response or generate automatic sale. With its clear concept, individuals already know what to do next. For example, a direct response ad would say, “Call now to have a discount on this item… ” Once they decide to pick up the phone, you are sure they won’t just make a query but acquire the lower price you are providing on such item.

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