Challenges Of Modern Marketing

Different difficulties are faced by all marketers. Most marketers have been satisfied in using their marketing plan utilizing the traditional mix of marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. But with the coming of the internet and online marketing, marketers are required to re-evaluate the four P’s to fight the difficulties experiencing the old mix. Online marketing is experiencing the following challenges:

• Creating awareness and producing audience: Before producing leads, you have to generate customer’s attention in your products or services. Some marketers face the problem that there are not enough clients interested in their products or services while some others do not know what to pay attention for high profit.

The solution: To catch the attention of more clients, you must use the various media available to you. Are you present on the right social media networks? Do you have a company blog? If not, do you know how to write a blog? Are you offering educational information on your product? Use such methods to spread your company attention. Then use statistics to determine which programs are working the best and put your focus on these.

• Effective targeting: The crucial task of marketing is to recognize the focus on market for their marketing initiatives. For putting across your concept, you must offer value to your focus on market like fulfilling any of their needs or treating any of their problems. Your concept and value you are offering must be relevant to your focus on market.

To recognize focus on audience: Section using demographics, understand their needs and develop information based on behavior. After determining focus on market, consider what they are looking for and how you can offer them value. Top ad agencies can help in this.

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