Tips to Driving traffic to Your Exhibit Stand

The main focus of participating in international trade show exhibits is of course, to attract as much traffic as possible to your stand. While this may seem obvious, you want to have a stand that overshadows others and pulls in people. In order to have your stand in the best location, make your booking early. However, in the event that you miss out on a lucrative position to place your stand, you have various ways of attracting visitors to it:

  1. Have something that will attract them to your stand

Come up with a fresh idea or throw new light into an existing one and you will have more people at your stand. Something new and unique will trigger people’s curiosity and everyone will be talking about your stand and will want to come by. Your offer is your selling point, which is different from what others are doing or selling. This concept should offer a solution that visitors coming to your stand will benefit from.

  1. Market yourself before and during the event

Make sure that people in your circle are aware that you will have a stand at the exhibition. Inform your customers beforehand through mail. Have the information on your website as well. Another tip is to engage the event organizers’ marketing and link your name with the exhibition itself. You can use a portable pop up display Canada at various places in the hall showcasing what you have, as well as indicating your location.

  1. Great design

Hire a trade show booth design company that can help you come up with a unique design for your trade booth. Incorporate color, lights and interesting graphics that will draw people to your stand to see what it is about. The design should allow you to sell your products as well as incorporate any extra activities you may want to set up. The design should be great, but remember not to overload the visitors with too much graphics or take the focus away from what you are offering. A great stand will not be worth the effort if you have nothing to offer your visitors.

  1. Have the right people at the stand

The people manning your stand should be skilled and knowledgeable. They should have the ability to engage and maintain the interest of your visitors, such that they will want to know more about your products and services. The idea here is to not only engage visitors but also turn them into customers of your brand.

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